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forex intro

The reasons for currency trading are different. Speculative transactions carried out by banks, financial institutions, hedge funds, and individual investors are profit oriented. Central banks drastically manage currency markets by applying monetary policy, by concluding currency agreements and, in rare cases, by means of currency intervention.


forex intro

The foreign exchange market (currency, currency or currency market) is a decentralized or non-resident global currency market. This market determines the exchange rate. It covers all aspects of the purchase, sale, and exchange of existing or fixed prices. When it comes to trade, it is the largest market in the world, and then the credit market. The main players in this market are larger international banks. Worldwide, financial centers in the vast majority of buyers and sellers trade in turnover, except for the weekend. Because the currency is always sold in pairs, the currency market does not specify the absolute value of the currency, but it defines the relative value by specifying the market value of the currency when it is paid in another currency. Example: 1 USD is the value of X CAD, CHF or JPY etc. The foreign exchange market operates through financial institutions and operates at various levels. Behind the scenes, banks turn to a smaller number of financial companies called “economic entities” that are involved in high currency turnover. Most currency dealers are banks. In view of the above, this market is referred to as the “interbank market” (although some insurance companies and other types of financial companies are also involved). Transactions between investors in the Forex market can be huge and include hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to issues related to the sovereignty associated with the use of two currencies, Forex has little or no regulator that would regulate its operation.

Forex Accounts:

To ensure effective and profitable trade, it is important to choose the right type of trading account. If you are a beginner, you can start with a demo account. Demo trading is a real trading simulation of the Forex market that you should practice. The demo account does not require any investment, so you can gain experience in online sales and test your strategy without risk. You can also start with an account in cents. Unlike other accounts, the balance of this trading account is in cents. Forex has different types of accounts. Trading accounts may vary depending on how they are made, margin requirements, first deposit, distribution, leverage, and prices.

Types of Forex Markets:

There are three basic types of forex market analysis:

Spot Market:

These are the fastest currency exchange transactions on foreign markets. These transactions require immediate payment at the current exchange rate, also known as an urgent exchange rate. According to the Federal Reserve, on-site transactions account for one-third of all cash-exchange transactions, and transactions usually take place within two days of signing the contract. It allows traders to cope with fluctuations in the currency market, which can increase or decrease the price between a contract and trade.

Forward Market:

These transactions are identical to the derivatives market, except for one significant difference: the conditions of both parties are reciprocal. In this way, it is possible to negotiate and adopt the conditions to the needs of the participants. This provides more flexibility. In most cases, this type of market includes currency exchange, in which both companies change the currency of the enterprise for the agreed period and return the currency at the end of the contract.

Functions of Forex Market:

  • Buying power.
  • Credit.
  • Providing air-conditioning equipment.
  • Transfers.
  • Inspections and bankers.
  • Cash market The term “cash market” refers to the class of transactions that require immediate delivery or replacement.

Retail foreign exchange trading:

Retail trade is a small part of the larger currency market, on which the exchange rate of various currencies is speculated. This segment has evolved through the introduction of specialized e-commerce and Internet platforms, enabling individuals to access global currency markets. 2016 It was noted that foreign exchange turnover constitutes 5.5% of the entire foreign exchange market (USD 282 billion per day). At the end of the 1990s, the volume of foreign trade was limited to the development of foreign trading platforms by large financial institutions. The development of the Internet, trading software and Forex brokers enabled commercial margins to stimulate the growth of retail sales. Currently, investors can sell coins with margins against market makers. This means that they have to make only a small fraction of their turnover and can buy and sell currencies in a few seconds.

Intermarket Relationships in Forex:

There are different relationships between different financial markets. These cross-market relations are important for foreign trade because you can benefit from understanding different correlations between profits and hedging positions. In this guide, we focus on the effects of various currency pairs. Correlation measures the relationship between effects. This means that when it occurs, when the second falls, when it increases at the same time, etc. The perfect correlation is 100% – both effects increase or decrease with the same coefficient. The higher the correlation, the stronger the relationship between the two resources. Use mutual relations in the Forex market. To use these correlations, we are looking for confirmations and differences. Confirmation occurs when two related elements move in the same direction, while deviation occurs when they move in the opposite direction.

Confirmation Example – Gold and AUD/USD:

These two charts show how the price of gold was before the AUD / USD explosion. In the medium term, Gold lost support on November 11, and AUD / USD lost support on November 17. If you saw a devaluation of the gold price, you could give up the AUD / USD sales order to help and take advantage of the outbreak. This is, of course, the case when gold drives AUD / USD traffic. It was confirmed that AUD / USD was shifted in the same direction as gold and lost support in the medium term.

The cost of doing business in the Forex market:

Like other company expenses, you have costs as an investor in the Forex market. The cost to you as an entrepreneur is the loss of transactions, commissions and withdrawals, computers and other office equipment that you have as investors in the Forex market. Unfortunately, many traders do not like to trade in this way and believe that trading is also a trip to the casino, or they understand it as something that they can “improve” and never lose. The fact that you are an entrepreneur means that you will always lose, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, you will have them. So it is your main expense for running the Forex market. Every other company does what it needs. Make sure that your earnings are properly compensated for profits.

To calculate this situation, please list the main transaction costs in the Forex market:

* Losing Trades
* Broker spreads or commissions
* Computer (hardware)
* Software
* Other office equipment

Characteristics of the Forex Market:

As the largest financial market in the world, the currency market (or Forex) offers unparalleled benefits and benefits to a potential investor. Compared to securities and futures markets, the forex market with the highest liquidity and loan can be the best investment you can find.

Features that rule the forex market include lower transaction prices, excellent transparency, excellent liquidity, and very strong market trends.


Ask someone who trades in inventory and he will tell you that he must start thousands of dollars. Not on the Forex market. With a few hundred dollars (often 250 or less), you can open a mini Forex account and start trading! Lower transaction prices on the Forex market also allowed small retail investors to get a good return on transactions on the Forex market. Due to lower costs, potential losses are much lower. You will notice that, unlike other investments, foreign trade operations usually do not bring commissions. Transactions in commercial currency only cost the sale and purchase prices for distribution or the difference between a given currency pair.


Transparency means free access to commercial information. Trading on the Forex market is a transparent process because the trader has unlimited access to market data and information needed to complete successful transactions. Due to the high transparency of the Forex market, Forex investors have more control over their investments and can decide what to do based on available information. Traders on the Forex market are free to buy and sell their currency. Liquidity in the high Forex market allows traders to easily exchange currencies without affecting the exchange rates quoted.


Investors on the Forex market earn money by collecting accurate market data and analyzing the market direction. To achieve this, investors in the Forex market are strongly dependent on trends and tendencies to forecast trends in the Forex market. Most investors use technical analysis to analyze past and current market data on the Forex market and then look for trends. Other financial markets take advantage of trends and trends, but this property is much stronger in the Forex market. Due to the high trend, commercial markets are much easier to analyze currency markets and identify potential entry and exit positions.

The Structure of the Forex Market:

They want to find out what the stock market is and compare it with a foreign currency. You need to find out what the stock market looks like or how it is managed.

Centralized Market:

A stock market is a monopolistic place, which in reality is only one unit. He is a specialist who manages all prices. This is the average person in the chart above. All transactions in the region must be performed by one person. Then, these prices can be changed to take advantage of a specialist who may hurt traders. It almost always happens. A specialist working in this position must meet all customer orders. If the number of sellers was higher than the number of customers, a specialist forced to satisfy the needs of customers should leave many stocks with sellers so that he could not sell to customers in this trade. To avoid this, a specialist can simply expand the distribution used or even increase the transaction costs so that one of the market suppliers does not conclude this particular transaction. Thanks to this, the specialist can manipulate quotes and figures according to his own will, if he does it himself.

Decentralized the Trading Spot for Forex:

You do not have to go through a central stock exchange, such as the New York Stock Exchange, at a fixed price each time. The Forex market does not mean that the price of one currency is the same. You think that offers differ from dealers and prices vary from day today.

Advantages of Forex Market:

The largest financial market in the world is the largest market because it gives participants many benefits. Some of the key benefits are:


Currency markets offer investors great flexibility. This is due to the unlimited amount that can be used for trading. There is also almost no regulation of markets. In addition to the fact that the market operates around the clock, it creates a very flexible trading script. Regular employees can also trade on the Forex market at weekends or at night. But they can not do the same by trading in stock or bond markets or in their own countries! For this reason, Forex trading is a desirable retail trade for part-time traders, because it offers a flexible schedule with minimal full-time intervention.


The Forex market is huge and works in different time zones! Nevertheless, information on currency markets is easily available. No country or central bank has the possibility of long-term market restrictions or price adjustments. In a short time, some companies may find it helpful to delay communication. However, this benefit can not be achieved over time. The size of the Forex market is also fair and effective!

Trading Options:

The Forex market offers traders a wide range of trading opportunities. Traders can exchange hundreds of currency pairs. You also have the option of acting on the spot or entering into a future contract. Futures that meet the needs of Forex investors may also have different sizes and conditions. For this reason, the Forex market offers the opportunity for any budget and for any investor who adopts a different risk appetite.

Transaction Costs:

The Forex market has low transaction costs compared to other markets. Compared to the percentage, the transaction costs of forex transactions are very small compared to other markets. This is largely due to the fact that the currency market is managed mainly by business entities, offering mutual transactions, postponing distribution to cover risks. The net broker is very small on forex markets.


The Forex market is the biggest stimulus among all financial investment markets. Currency market systems give investors the opportunity to use the initial investment from 20 to 30 times and trade on the market! It increases both profit and profit. Although foreign traffic is usually small, investors may eventually lose or lose a large amount due to leverage!

Disadvantages of Forex Market:

Counterparty Risks:

The Forex market is an international market. That is why the regulation of the Forex market is a complex issue because it affects the sovereignty of the currencies of many countries. This creates a scenario in which the Forex market is almost unregulated. Therefore, there is no centralized exchange that ensures trouble-free transaction settlement. Therefore, when making transactions, investors or traders should also be aware of the standard risk, i.e. Risk that the counterparty will not or will not be able to perform contracts. Therefore, foreign exchange trading requires an accurate assessment of counterparty risk and plans to reduce this risk.

Leverage Risks:

The Forex market offers the maximum level. Formulation automatically means risk, and the ratio of gears is 20-30 times riskier! Because the currency market can be moved indefinitely one day on a specific day, a person can lose all of their investments within a few minutes by placing heavily indebted offers. Newly arrived investors make such mistakes earlier because they do not understand the impact of leverage!

Operational Risks:

Transaction activities on the Forex market are difficult to manage quickly. This is because the Forex market works all the time and people do not do it! Investors should, therefore, use algorithms to protect the value of their investments when they pass. In addition, multinational companies have sales points around the world. However, this is only possible if the trade is very high.

Forex Trading Strategy:

Forex Trading Strategy is a method by which a Forex investor determines whether to buy or sell a currency pair at a particular time. Forex trading strategies can be based on technical analysis, chart analysis or major news events. The trader’s currency trading strategy usually consists of trading signals that decide on buying or selling. Forex trading strategies are available online or can be created by the merchants themselves.

Breaking Down Forex Trading Strategy:

Forex trading strategies can be manual or automated methods of generating trading signals. In the bags, the dealer must sit on the computer screen, look for trading signals and explain whether he should buy or sell. Automated systems ensure that the entrepreneur creates an algorithm that identifies commercial signals and performs transactions. These latter systems distinguish human experience from the equation and can improve results. Traders need to be careful when buying standard Forex trading strategies because it is difficult to test their results, and many successful trading systems are considered secret.

Creating a Forex Trading Strategy:

Many Forex investors are starting to develop a trading strategy, starting from something simple. For example, they may notice that a currency pair comes out of a certain level of support or resistance. You can then decide to add more products that will ultimately improve the accuracy of these trading signals. For example, you might want the price to be returned from a certain level of maintenance with a certain percentage or number of pips.

There are several elements of an effective trading strategy in the Forex market:

Choose a market: traders need to decide which currency pairs they trade and become experts in reading these currency pairs.

Positioning: Traders should determine how much each exposure should account for the risk of each individual transaction.

Access points: Traders must develop rules for entering long-term or short-term positions in a given currency pair.

Traders’ principles: must come up with rules to tell them when to leave a long or short position and when to leave a lost position.

Trading strategy: Traders must specify the rules for the purchase and sale of currency pairs, including the selection of appropriate methods of implementation.


Foreign exchange market cash market Big banks and other financial institutions exchange coins for immediate delivery (on the cash market) or later (derivatives market). Individual investors can buy or sell futures or options for speculation at the price of a currency pair.

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